“I have consulted Mr. Farrukh for my immigration to Australia and found him extremely professional, who knew his work and guided me in the right direction. Completely honest with his work, I never found him selfish for any reason. Always willing to go out of his way for his clients, he completed my case in less than a 10 months. If you are applying for immigration to Australia and are looking for professional services, I highly recommend Mr. Farrukh and his company Zarnab to be your choice.”

Abdul Samad,

“I had my first meeting with Mr. Muhammad Shahid in 2009 when I was looking for an immigration consultant who can take my case for the Australia’s immigration. In a very first meeting with him I find him a person who is not only good in his work but also a person who is straight forward and honest with clients. He gave me initial details about the point system for Australia’s Immigration and he gave me a black and white list of strong and weak points in my case. First he recommended me to do some Professional Certifications and then go for immigration."

Noor Mustafa,

“Mr Abdul Samad is very competitive as an immigration consultant. He possesses great expertise in handling immigration cases. During my interaction with him I found him honest, reliable, and very skillful he is well updated about the latest happening in the Immigration policies. I highly recommend Mr. Abdul Samad and his team to prospective immigration applicants. Wish Zarnab Team best of luck in the future.”

Farhan Ahmad,
92-42-36375762, 36367348
Lahore Branch: Suite# 26, 2nd Floor, Sadiq Plaza, The Mall, Lahore
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Why Liverpool Migration Service?


  • Expertise!

    LMS has been working in the field of migration consultancy since 1997 and it has been a pioneer in immigration to Australia. Due to this long experience, LMS has the expertise and information which are sought from a migration agent.

  • Credibility

    LMS has shown its transparent dealings in all the matters. We strictly follow our policy of quality and integrity both in our services towards clients and dealings towards concerned parties. It is the good will and reputation of 18 years that LMS is the most credible immigration consultation agency in Pakistan.

  • Payment structure

    The management of LMS has devised a very convenient, transparent and easy payment structure. It has been designed in such a way not to be burdened on the client along with saving the interests of the organization. It consists of installments to be paid with the success in propagation of the case. Another great feature of this payment structure is that it contains even non-refundable payments as well.








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Our migration advice to each and every client is the..
‘Truth, the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth’






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Landmark of success

At LMS, we have a golden track record of success of cases lodged with different bodies in Australia such as:

LMS is proud to proclaim the highest cases lodged with these bodies with success ratio more than 90 percent.

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